• Gary Craig’s EFT Manual
    Study this manual and diligently apply the concepts herein to yourself and others and you will likely get immediate, and often profound, results. This is the promise of EFT and one you should realize quite easily upon proper application.
  • The EFT MINI-MANUAL (EFT Universe)
    Over a million people have selected The EFT Manual as a primary healing resource, and EFT is found across the globe in many countries. EFT is in hospitals, psychotherapy clinics, sports fields, business coaching practices, families, and many other places.
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques - Quick Start Manual
    This manual was designed as a quick introduction to EFT
  • EFT for Love Relationships

  • Relationships can be heaven - or hell. They can take us to the most sublime and happy states, or trap us in endless cycles of misery. Dawson Church has been dedicated for many years to helping people shift their relationships to create warm and deep emotional intimacy. As a scientific researcher, he's investigated which techniques really work to truly make love flourish. These tools, like mindfulness, EFT tapping, and heart coherence, are surprisingly quick and easy to learn, yet produce profound relationship shifts. In this book, he's explains how our hormones and biology drive our behavior.

  • Change Your Life With Tapping
    Find Out How to Transform Your Mental, Emotional and Physical Health… in Minutes!